McNeill Studios Kiln Glass

This website will be closing down on Dec 22, 2020.  Look for our new website,, coming in early 2021!

Welcome to McNeill Studios!

Here you will find beautiful dichroic glass pendants, sliders, and cabochons.  You will also find a wonderful array of kiln-formed candleholders, bowls, and plates.  All are one-of-a-kind kiln formed art glass, created by hand in my own studio.

Dichroic glass produces an effect like nothing else.  The colors shimmer and shift with the slightest change of the light, creating a beauty that is positively breathtaking!

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About The Artist

Trish McNeill

 Trish McNeill has been fascinated by color and light since 1970.  Working first with stage lighting, then with sewing, costuming and fabric dyeing, she continued to explore new techniques and expand her abilities.  In 2004 she discovered the joy of working with glass, and she was intrigued and captivated by its beauty and versatility.

Trish continues to expand her knowledge of glass and explore the possibilities offered by this amazingly beautiful medium.  While kiln glass (fusing) is still her main focus, she also works in cast glass, lampwork and ceramics.


Fascinating video of a Prince Rupert's drop!

(thanks to Paul Tarlow for bringing it to my attention)

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